Xu Kai mobbed by fans and left with a broken phone

Xu Kai mobbed by fans and left with a broken phone
xu kai mobbed by fans
Followers of Chinese entertainment would know that overzealous fans tend to cause more trouble than good. A group of fans went to meet Xu Kai at the airport on March 16th that ended up causing a major inconvenience for the actor. A netizen who couldn’t stomach it wrote up a list of what happened that is now trending online. 

Apparently, Xu Kai had his shoes stepped on, was filmed and followed as he rested and went to the bathroom. His phone fell and broke in the scuffle. His bag went missing all while dozens of phones where held in front of his face to take photos. 

xu kai mobbed by fans
xu kai mobbed by fans
Never mind that mobbing someone at the airport is never condoned because it causes trouble for other passengers as well, but it seems that the current tide has made it hard for actors to speak up. Xu Kai only chuckled when left to inspect his broken phone. Later on, he shared some selfies he took on the plane with the hashtag, “Meeting beautiful.”
xu kai mobbed by fans
Xu Kai’s boss Yu Zheng reacted by strongly by repeatedly reminding people to be sensible towards their idols. He also said that their agency Huanyu Film is recruiting bodyguards and applying for airport VIP access for Xu Kai. He said that haters will criticize them for acting self-important, but it’s a person’s life and no laughing matter. 
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