Myolie Wu Defends Her Husband Philip After Netizen Ridicules Him for Living Off the Back of His Wife

Philip and Myolie
Philip Lee and Wife Myolie Wu and their kids
The now deleted Instagram post on the right received a salty comment from a Netizen

It looks like someone didn’t get the memo that what you see on social media doesn’t always show the entire picture; and that what you see is in fact just a tiny insight into a person’s life. What was supposed to be a fun and joyful post documenting his children having fun in the rain turned somewhat ugly after a Netizen posted a comment on Philip Lee’s post ridiculing him for having fun whilst his wife is hard at work.

You really are a man who eats soft rice (living off of your wife who’s working hard), surpassing even Benjamin Yuen. Every day you’re having fun with your sons, meanwhile your wife has to work hard filming projects in the Mainland. A pitiful situation. A miserable life she’s had, your baby making machine. First she has to give birth and then she has to work hard to support them. Go to your bar!” wrote a salty commenter.

Not for the first has Philip been accused of taking it easy whilst his wife worked hard as the family’s breadwinner. In past interviews, Myolie shared how the media made him appear to be financially dependent on his wife used to affect her husband badly and that it was once a sore spot in their relationship. Philip has thankfully gotten over that bit of negativity, a fact evident in his response to the basher: “Thank you for your concern. Maybe you’re unaware, but I’ve been diligently working hard for decades. I now own several companies, whilst they’re not big companies, we have dozens of employees. Business this year has been doing fairly well that I can take a little bit of time to spend with my children. Family and children are the most important. I hope you will understand, our bar is still around. Thank you for your concern. I’ll have to sit back and raise a cup to you. My treat. I wish you health and happiness.

Likewise, Philip’s wife Myolie Wu certainly didn’t take the salty comments sitting down as well, firing back with her very own lengthy reply:

While most of the comments on Philip’s post are generally appreciative of his actions taking the boys out to have a bit of fun with ‘em and supporting his wife in her chosen career, there always always has to be those handful of exceptions who choose to be negative you know? Safe to say though that these two definitely have each other’s backs.

Myolie Wu and Philip Lee have been married since 2015 and have three young boys – one of which was just born a few months ago in April. In previous interviews, Myolie revealed that it was love at first sight for her when she saw Philip for the very first time.

Update: As of press time, Philip’s post has unfortunately been already taken down from his Instagram feed.

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