Myolie Wu Announces Birth of Third Child – It’s a Boy Again!

Myolie Wu Announces Birth of Third Child - It's a Boy Again!

At 13:14 on April 6, Myolie Wu took to social media with some wonderful news. The 41-year-old Hong Kong actress shared two photos – one of her two sons beside a newborn and another of five hands to represent their family. Myolie who perviously kept the baby’s gender a secret said: “Yes, it’s a boy again. Liam李奕宏 has arrived! ❤️????????? @Hakkaphil” It’s worth noting that 1314 is an auspicious time since the numbers represent a slang for forever.

Meanwhile, Myolie’s husband, the British-born Philip Lee also tagged her when he shared a photo of himself carrying the baby basket and saying, “Finally brought home this great gift! ????‍♂️ You’ve worked hard mom. @胡杏儿”

Myolie Wu and Philip Lee got married in 2015. She is the mom of two boys – her eldest Brendan born in October 2017 and her second son Ryan born on July 6, 2019. Myolie who has two older sisters had said in the past that she wants to have another child because she finds that to have a family with three children is a beautiful thing, and it looks like the new family of five couldn’t be happier. Myolie had previously turned down an invitation to join the second season fo Sisters Who Make Waves because she was pregnant.

Myolie Wu Announces Birth of Third Child - It's a Boy Again!

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