“The Day of Becoming You” Garners an 8.0 Douban Rating on Opening Week

Steven Zhang Xincheng and Liang Jie in The Day of Becoming You
Steven Zhang Xincheng and Liang Jie in The Day of Becoming You

Steven Zhang Xincheng and Liang Jie’s romantic comedy The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 hits the ground running with an impressive 8.0 Douban rating after its premiere on June 17.

The Freaky Friday inspired drama sees Jiang Yi (Zhang Xincheng), the coldly aloof leader of a popular boy band, accidentally switching bodies with Yu Shengsheng an entertainment reporter played by Liang Jie. Can you imagine the resulting mayhem and awkward situations these two will surely get into by the switcheroo? Two people with contrasting personalities, lifestyles and bodies (at least Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan were both female in Freaky Friday), definitely expect the ensuing confusion brought about by the entire situation to have you in stitches. Having starred in the hit drama Go Ahead, Zhang Xincheng reunites with Wang Xiongcheng who writes the screenplay for both dramas. This time around, Zhang Xincheng pretending to be a woman newly trapped in a man’s body has become comedic gold!

The Day of Becoming You Douban Rating
Beginning at 7.9, The Day of Becoming You climbs up to an 8.0 following its premiere on June 17.

Viewers have also lauded the continuity and attention to detail from both actors after the body swap. We all have little mannerisms and habits that make each of us unique and it seems both Zhang Xincheng and Liang Jie did quite well in copying the other’s quirks to make the switch more believable – from the different way the other puts on their seatbelts to the way Shengsheng bites her fingers when stressed, and her facial expressions – Zhang Xincheng seems to have nailed it down pretty well. Meanwhile, Liang Jie also put a lot of attention in her character of a man trapped in a woman’s body, customising her facial expressions, mannerisms and how she carries herself to conform with Jiang Yi’s.

Sounds like things are off to a great start for what is hopefully a new summer favourite! Fingers crossed The Day of Becoming You will be able to sustain the momentum and continue to impress audiences in its episodes to come.

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