This Former Produce 101 China Trainee Has a New Career in Disneyland

Chen Yuyan
Chen Yuyan in costume at Disneyland
Chen Yuyan in costume

Three years after we last saw her on the elimination stage of Produce 101 China, eagle eyed Netizens spotted former trainee Chen Yuyan (陈语嫣) quietly back at her old job – still performing albeit at a different kind of stage altogether as she sings and twirls her way around the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. While this might be a long way from the dazzling lights of showbiz, Chen Yuyan is still in her own way doing her part to give Disneyland’s millions of visitors some happiness and cheer.

Now, we usually hear the success stories of the lucky few who debuted and successfully transformed their singing careers into lucrative acting gigs like Yang Chaoyue who nabbed the leading role in the Chinese adaptation of the South Korean mega hit series Full House called Midsummer is Full of Love, Meng Meiqi who landed roles in movies like Jade Dynasty and Step Up Year of Dance or Betty Wu Xuanyi who got her very first leading role in Douluo Continent opposite Xiao Zhan no less. Very rarely though do we hear about the stories of other trainees who didn’t quite make the cut and had to go back to civilian life.

Chen Yuyan
Chen Yuyan

Chen Yuyan had her dream of performing in front of the cameras cut short after getting eliminated in the first round, but it’s nice to see she’s still spreading joy and entertaining people in a job she clearly enjoys. Netizens who learned about her career change were also quite supportive of Chen Yuyan, commending her for continuing to smile brightly as she chases her dreams. “You appear to look very happy now” said one commenter whilst another added “it feels like she’s not working, but enjoying life”. Another commenter praised her by saying “from a person in the spotlight to an amateur, but still shining in her job, conveying happiness and joy, it’s really great!

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