Hans Zhang Han Laments Over Letting ‘The One’ Get Away

Hans Zhang Han Laments About Letting 'The One' Get Away

This week’s episode of Workplace Newcomers 初入职场的我们 saw Hans Zhang Han unexpectedly opening up about not getting second chances once that special someone slips through your fingers. Seeing that the actor once counted his Meteor Shower co-star Zheng Shuang and Gulinazha amongst his ex-GFs, people are naturally curious as to whom he’s referring to.

When it comes to marriage, Zhang Han says he hopes to find someone he truly loves versus finding someone “just suitable” to marry. “There are many things where you won’t get second chances. Once you miss that opportunity, it’s gone” says the actor.

“Many people feel that when facing the question of marrying, they have to either approach it emotionally or rationally… Do you want to marry just a “suitable person” or do you want to marry a person who truly loves you and who makes your heart beat? I’ve asked myself that once whether I can abandon the idea of marrying someone I really love and just find someone suitable.”

Zhang Han says that he couldn’t see himself not ever being emotionally invested in the person he wants to marry. Because for him, wanting to spend a lifetime with someone is very important.

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