Zhang Han and Gu Li Na Zha have broken up since October

Zhang Han Gulnezer Bextiyar breakup
On Christmas Day, Zhang Han Studio and Nazha Studio have released a joint statement on weibo to confirm that Zhang Han and Gulnezer Bextiyar who have been dating for three years have called it quits. It reads as follows.
To the friends who are concerned and love Zhang Han and Nazha:
Thank you for your continued support and love over such a long period. Their relationship the past three years is a beautiful life experience. 
There is a start and there is an end, here we honestly inform friends and the media: Zhang Han, Nazha broke up around October of this year. We feel great regret as this relationship has received too much exposure and pressure from the outside world and also because of their respective goals in terms of their career, they don’t often get to meet, hence, both parties have decided to make this decision after giving it much thought.
Even though they can no longer move forward as a couple, they value the relationship very much and give their most sincere wishes for each other’s future. 
In order to avoid speculations, this announcement is going to be the only one regarding this matter and no responses will be made in the future. Please respect their decision, give them some time and continue to support their projects.
As a public figure, apologies for bringing personal matters to the media and to the public and appreciate your understanding and support.

Zhang Han Gulnezer Bextiyar breakup
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