Hans Zhang Han Has Only Had Two Girlfriends in 10 Years

Hans Zhang Han Has Only Had Two Girlfriends in 10 Years

Chinese actor Hans Zhang Han is known to have dated two actresses. He became a reel-to-real couple with Zheng Shuang at the early stages of both their careers after the two starred in China’s version of Meteor Garden. His second public relationship was with Guli Nazha. The two who starred in Classic of Mountains and Seas together dated for three years and broke up around October 2017.

Netizens’ Perception that He’s a Player

In this day and age, public perception can be influenced by many things. In a recent episode of Viva La Romance 妻子的浪漫旅行, rhythmic gymnast Zhou Jie (周捷) who is a participant on the show with her husband Olympic champion Zou Kai (邹凯) was talking about her impression of Zhang Han. She thought he was a player. She admits she hadn’t interacted with Zhang Han at all and was looking at it from the point of view of a Netizen. She goes on to ask him not to be mad and tried to explain that her impression of him before came from this news and that news. Zhang Han responds that it’s no problem. Her comments are very representative of the internet. He doesn’t care how people have been viewing him for so many years because he believes that time can prove what kind of person you are. Zhang Han goes on to say that he’s only had two girlfriends in ten years which shocked many. Zhou Jie says that she was surprised too because having two relationships in ten years is the furthest thing from being a player. She thinks the internet is too quick to make assumptions when it comes to celebrities.

Sharing his thoughts later on, Zhang Han said that using rumors to get to know someone is a problem that Netizens should consider. He says, “Anyway, when I’m in love, I love until the last moment.”

Zhang Han Finally Has Beef Noodle Soup

Hans Zhang Han Only Had Two Girlfriends in 10 Years
Zhang Han eating beef noodle soup then and now

A scene of Zhang Han eating a bowl of beef noodle soup on the reality show also got him trending. After dating Zheng Shuang for almost 5 years, netizens had many thoughts when they first broke up. Zheng Shuang wasn’t doing very well and lost a lot of weight. Back then, Zhang Han had taken to social media to post, “Since you cannot hold on to youth, why not eat a bowl of beef noodle soup.” Many fans criticized his light-hearted post and asked how he can even eat. Others said that he probably won’t ever eat beef noodle soup again after drawing flak. It’s been many years since then and he’s finally eating to his heart’s content.

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