Wendy Zhang Zifeng Locks Lips with Leon Leong for Her Very First On Screen Kiss


As far as kisses go, you’ll never forget your first kiss. Oh wait, does that only apply to first love? In any case, I doubt an actor will forget their first onscreen kiss anytime soon, Wendy Zhang Zifeng included. Dubbed as “the nation’s little sister”, it seems Wendy is all grown up now, sharing her very first onscreen smooch with Leon Leong for their first collaboration together, the film My Sister 我的姐姐.

Wendy Zhang Zifeng and Leon Leong share a kiss

Wendy plays An Ran, the titular sister who faces quite a dilemma between raising her younger brother or pursuing an independent life. As you may have already guessed, Leon Leong plays her romantic interest in the film.

Little Sister Has Grown Up

As a child star, I guess everyone continued to “see” Wendy still as a child despite her already turning 20 this year. So much so that the little sneak peek of Wendy’s first kiss shared by the film’s production team actually surprised many, hence the trending hashtag “little sister has grown up”.

Born in 2001, Wendy Zhang Zifeng literally grew up in the public eye, having begun her showbiz career at the tender age of five and already amassing an impressive body of work and accolades at barely 20 years old. That’s quite a feat because really, at twenty, many of us barely even had things figured out, much less achieved so much!

Funnily enough, with all the attention on the pair’s sweet interaction, Wendy’s onscreen “elder brother” in 2018’s Go Brother 快把我哥带走 and her Back to Field 向往的生活 co-star Peng Yuchang now begs the question, when will he get his turn? With little sister all grown up and locking lips with boys, her older brother has been readily looking forward to his first onscreen kiss as well. Will the drama gods finally heed his request?

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