Zhao Jinmai and Zhang Zifeng Rank Amongst ChinTop Drama Academies

zhao jinmai and zhang zifeng Chinese drama school
They say that patience is a virtue but waiting for the results of your university entrance examinations has got to be the most mind boggling thing ever. Remember the sleepless nights spent anxiously awaiting your fate? This week, the Beijing Film Academy and the Central Academy of Drama – THE schools to have on your resume if you fancy a career in drama, film or TV both announced their results. And ranking first amongst the hopeful applicants for the Central Academy of Drama is actress Angel Zhao Jinmai with fellow actress Wendy Zhang Zifeng following closely as she places third in the Beijing Film Academy.
It’s astounding how the students all seem to get younger and younger each year isn’t it.  But kudos in particular to these two young whips for handling all the stress with grace and still managing to pass their exams with flying colours despite their busy showbiz schedules. Zhao Jinmai had to sacrifice much needed sleep time to study whilst also shooting the variety show Fourtry 潮流合伙人 with Kris Wu Yifan, Angelababy and Wilber Pan in early October to mid November last year. Similarly, Zhang Zifeng too had to juggle her exam preparations with her filming schedule for the third season of the reality show Back to Field 向往的生活 – the show’s production team even prepared a special room just for her to study and attend online classes.
Aside from these two ladies, other young notables who ranked highly for the Beijing Film Academy entrance exams are Xia Meng (The Glorious Era 光荣时代) who slightly edged out Zhang Zifeng and landed the coveted number one spot for this year’s test, Liu Jiayi and Zhou Qi who played cousins in the series A Little Reunion 小欢喜 scored 8th and 9threspectively and R1SE member Yan Xujia who ranked 22nd
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