Wu Lei and Jackson Yi Get Top Scores at China’s Best Drama Schools

Wu Lei Jackson Yi college exam scores
The results of the 2018 Arts Examination were released this month, and it was good news for Wu Lei and Jackson Yi who both got the best scores for the prestigious Beijing Film Academy and The Central Academy of Drama, respectively.

Wu Lei college exam scores
You might remember our post last month when we reported that the stars were preparing for university. Former child star Wu Lei (Battle Through The Heavens) whose very early start has turned him into an actor that the nation literally watched growing up does not disappoint by beating out other applicants to be #1. 
He scored 92.85 at the Beijing Film Academy. Huang Jun Jie (The Big Boss) and Lareina Song (Novoland: Eagle Flag) rank #2 and #3. 
Jackson Yi college exam scores
Other stars like Li Lan Di and Hu Xian Xu also did well. They rank #2 and #3 behind Jackson Yi (The Longest Day in Chang’An) who scored 94.85 at the The Central Film Academy. They both came very close scoring 94.48 and 94.4, respectively. 
Everyone is so young, talented and with immense potential. I know we’ll continue to see them get better in their craft. Congratulations to them!
Li Lan Di, Hu Xian Xu college exam scores
Li Lan Di college exam scores
Hu Xian Xu college exam scores

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