Wang Yibo, Li Yifeng, Etc. Fire Off Denials After a Blind Item Puts Many Celebs in the Middle of Dating Rumours

Wang Yibo and Li Yifeng

Social media has been blowing up with countless speculations all day after an entertainment blogger floated a blind item hinting about the dating life of a yet to be named actor. With the only clue being the “actor” has 30 million followers on social media site Weibo, Netizens have been wildly speculating. Several actors like Wang Yibo and Li Yifeng who suddenly found themselves under the spotlight were forced to quickly issue statements to shut down the rumours lest people think it’s true. Actress Vicky Chen Wen Qi too whose name was linked to Liu Haoran also quickly fired off a denial.

In the Middle of Studies, Do Not Disturb

Liu Haoran
wen qi

With a social media following of 32 million, Liu Haoran’s name was one of the names tossed around by Netizens together with Taiwanese actress Vicky Wen Qi. It appears Netizens leapt to the conclusion that the pair were the ones being alluded to since the teaser photo released by the blogger matched Wen Qi’s hair style and posture. Sounds a wee bit off the mark though to be basing it on a hair style and posture if I’m being honest.

Netizens think the girl on the left could be Wen Qi based on the woman’s hair style

In any case, Wen Qi issued a statement to say that she was in the middle of studying and not to disturb her. Reading between the lines, the gal has no time to date if she’s super busy with her studies hey. Same goes for any rumours that will take away from time spent studying.

Li Yifeng Has Over 60 Million Weibo Followers

li yifeng anna fang

Meanwhile, actor Li Yifeng was also caught in the brouhaha after being spotted with Anna Fang at a hotel together on March 15. After his name started getting hits on social media, Li Yifeng immediately released a statement via his Studio to refute the entire thing. Sporting a hashtag that says “Isn’t Li Yifeng at 60 million?” the statement confirms Li Yifeng and Anna are just good friends and that the incident has already been forwarded to their lawyers for monitoring.

Moreover, the statement also emphasized that the internet isn’t above the law and shouldn’t be a venue to spread false rumours. “Do not hurt the innocent. Hope everyone will work together towards creating a good environment on the internet.”

Dating Rumours Between Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan from Produce 101 China

Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan

Wang Yibo also didn’t escape being dragged into the fray with his name linked together with Li Zixuan, a trainee from the show Produce 101 which you’ll remember Wang Yibo served as a mentor for. Quickly reaching number 1 on the Weibo hot search, both Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan’s management companies immediately issued statements of denial to completely nip the entire thing in the bud soon after.  

Yehua Entertainment said the trending hashtags linking Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan as the couple alluded to by the 30M blind item are all fabricated and that the misleading statement made against him seriously infringes upon his legal rights and interests. The company also called upon Netizens to remove any content online and to stop further spreading falsehoods or else face legal consequences. Likewise, Li Zixuan’s company said that the artist is presently not in a relationship and that like Yehua, will pursue legal measures to protect their artist’s rights.

Hua Chenyu’s Blind Item with a Contestant from The Coming One

hua chenyu the coming one

And the search doesn’t end there. Chinese singer Hua Chenyu was next on the list with the rumor linking him to Fan Boyi who was a contestant on season 3 of The Coming One 明日之子第三季 where Hua Chenyu served as a mentor. Fan Boyi issued a denial and reveals she hasn’t even had the chance to thank Hua Chenyu face to face since the show ended in 2019. She then expressed thanks to Teacher Hua Chenyu via social media, saying that she hopes to make good music with him as a role model. Similarly, Hua Chenyu’s studio issued a denial pertaining to the false rumors about the actor that include the dating rumors as well as the rumors about Hua Chenyu having a second child.

cheney chen xuedong

For a blind item, this has certainly caused a lot of trouble with so many people unwillingly dragged into the story. If the blogger was hoping to drum up some publicity, they sure got themselves a lot of publicity alright. In the meantime, actor Cheney Chen Xuedong served as somewhat of a comic relief to end a very hectic day. A netizen commented on his Weibo to ask if he’s the male celeb with 30 million followers that everyone’s been looking for. Cheney Chen’s cheeky response, “Do I look like someone who is a top traffic star (someone with a large fanbase) to you?” The little interaction certainly gave everyone a good laugh and got the actor trending on the Weibo hot search.

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