Kimberley Chen and Re Yina’s Feud from Produce 101 China Escalates Three Years Later

Kimberley Chen and Re Yina's Feud from Produce 101 China Escalate Three Years Later

It seems the beef between former Produce 101 China (now known as Chuang) trainees Kimberley Chen and Re Yina has taken a life of its own after the show aired in 2018 such that people are now keeping tabs on the two ladies. It started when Kimberley spilled the beans on a fight she had with a certain girl that had everyone thinking it was Re Yina. Re Yina gave her side of the story and the situation soon escalated into a he-said, she-said. 

Untold Stories from the season 1 of Produce 101 China

The Taiwan-based Australian singer Kimberley Chen who already debuted even before joining P101 has been quite candid about her experiences since leaving the show. While being interviewed by a Youtuber in January 2021, Kimberley dished the dirt on how they were treated as trainees – that their phones were confiscated, that the cameras were rolling in their room for 24 hours and that she was given rabbit meat when she had previously stated she was vegetarian. When it came to the other trainees, Kimberley started talking about meeting a Xinjiang girl and immediately stopped herself saying what she just let slip was too obvious. She mentioned how the girl hogged the bathroom because she was smoking and talking to her boyfriend on the phone. When they asked to use the bathroom, the girl asked them to wait an hour, then asked for 20 more minutes and refused to leave. Kimberley claims that the girl started cussing her out, calling her “B*tch” and tried to hit her with a chair.

Given the clue Kimberley let slip, netizens narrowed down the person to Chinese trainee Re Yina who is from Xinjiang. Re Yina took to Weibo to say, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk! Your magnanimity is directly proportional to your height! Sis, who knows you?” Re Yina also made a video to air her side. She explains that Kimberley showered first and then it was her turn. However, another trainee came back so they asked if Re Yina could come out sooner. Re Yina said she only asked for 10-20 minutes more but claims Kimberley snapped, asking her who she thought she was and why she should get more time. As their argument escalated, Re Yina admits she was stopped by crew before she could lift a chair. She said that if it’s because it was wrong to smoke, she is sorry and also apologizes for her rash attempt to lift the chair yet it’s been so many years and she (Kimberley) is still mentioning this.

Kimberley Chen and Re Yina Respond Through Song

In March 2021, Kimberley Chen released her new song Kow Tow. Although she didn’t name names, the song’s lyrics, “pack your bags, buy a ticket back to Xinjiang” and “money earned is 10 times more than yours” seemed to allude to Re Yina. Re Yina immediately responded on Weibo: “diss back on da way bitch!”

On March 13, Re Yina came back with her promised “diss back” through her new song Love You (爱你) that she shared on Weibo. The song has the same title as Kimberley Chen’s 2012 hit debut single Love You (愛你). Aside from dissing Kimberley, the lyrics when read vertically also spell out, “Chen Fang Yu (Kimberley Chen’s Chinese name) you are a stupid c*nt, shut up, get lost, you’re finished.” Re Yina commented on her own post to say, “Nothing else, just didn’t need to prepare for as long as you did. I saw the Weibo last night, wrote the lyrics, went to sleep, woke up in the morning, woy, recorded a song. See, the lyrics from “Love You” are here, welcome to continue the diss back!”

The Feud Continues?

When asked about it by the media during an event, Kimberley said that this is a free place after all, whatever she (Re Yina) wants to say, I respect her. She said that she’s looking forward to it and will listen to it in a bit. Kimberley said she’s not mad. She clarifies that she was simply sharing a story at the beginning and had no ill-intentions. At the time, they had already made up. If Re Yina is unhappy, Kimberley said she doesn’t have a way to talk face to face. If she wants to write a song, Kimberley thinks it’s great. Whether she’ll respond to Re Yina who has specifically tagged Kimberley in her posts, Kimberley said, “I don’t know, I didn’t look at it.. Reading Chinese traditional is already a bit hard for me, to read Chinese simplified, I have a hard time understanding it.” 

On March 14, Kimberley Chen took to Instagram to thank the showrunners from KKBOX for giving her a chance to perform. However, the last line she wrote had Netizens wondering if she’s still throwing shade at Re Yina. She writes, “And to you. Even auto tune can’t save you.”

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