Sandra Ma Sichun Addresses Weight Gain Through Her Monologue on Roast

Sandra Ma Sichun Addresses Weight Gain Through Her Monologue on Roast!

Sandra Ma Sichun won Best Actress alongside co-star Zhou Dongyu for their roles in the critically-acclaimed film Soul Mate 七月与安生 in 2016. However, there were reports that the actress was having a difficult time due to her anxiety disorder as she was photographed entering a psychiatric clinic for treatment in 2020. Ma Sichun had previously admitted suffering from depression and opened up about it again during a recent interview. Given Ma Sichun’s appearances as of late, many noticed her weight gain and some openly criticized her for it.

Sandra Ma Sichun on Roast

Sandra Ma Sichun Addresses Weight Gain Through Her Monologue on Roast!

Ma Sichun previously said that the medication she took for anxiety before had side effects that included weight gain. She also talked about having a hard time dieting in the past since she’s the type to easily put on weight. Ma Sichun now shares her thoughts about weight and says she no longer wants to be controlled by it.

In the newest episode of Roast Season 5 吐槽大会5, Ma Sichun addressed people’s comments through her monologue, “After the first episode of Roast aired, a lot of friends saw that I gained weight. But when I filmed The Fallen Bridge and Left Ear in the past, it was for the sake of the characters. Losing 10 catty (6 kg) in 7 days, 20 catty (12 kg) in 20 days, I understood at the time, to be an actress is to haggle over every ounce (a Chinese idiom that means fussing over every little thing). Whether it’s to become fat or thin, it is worth it to shape a character but to shape an image, it’s not necessary. Female celebrities will always be female celebrities. An actress who gets off work becomes myself. So I don’t actually want to be a female celebrity and to be controlled by weight, I just want to be an actress and to accompany everyone through spring, fall, winter and summer. Thanks everyone, I’m actress Ma Sichun who wishes everyone health and happiness forever.”

Celebrating Birthday with Yang Zi and Zhang Yao

Sandra Ma Yang Zi Zhang Yao

Sandra Ma Sichun celebrated her 33rd birthday on March 14. She shared a photo with her girls, fellow actresses Yang Zi and Zhang Yao. Ma Sichun also left a comment when Yang Zi posted the same photo to say, “Thank you for being with me during my most difficult time. My younger sister.” Yang Zi responded, “You too, we have each other through the hardest times.”

It’s widely known that Ma Sichun and Zhou Dongyu are really good friends, yet their lack of interaction has gotten Netizens wondering whether the two have drifted apart. The topic of their friendship was also used as a punchline on Roast.

Nonetheless, Ma Sichun seems to really be at a better place in her life. She shared a photo of herself with the caption, “I’m very blessed. Happier than I was every day in the past.”

Sandra Ma Sichun Addresses Weight Gain Through Her Monologue on Roast

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