Sandra Ma Sichun Gets Candid About Struggling With Depression

Sandra Ma Sichun

Depression isn’t something talked about much in Asian cultures, but the more people talk about it, the more we can normalise having conversations about the importance of mental health. With that in mind, Sandra Ma Sichun is the latest celebrity to talk about her struggles with depression.

Opening up about her experience, Ma Sichun shares that she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep for more than ten years already. It was only later she said, that she realised she has been suffering for a long time. After going through her experiences, the actress is adamant that nothing is more important that her health.

When she was younger, Sandra said that her upbringing from her parents emphasised the importance of being considerate of others and not just to think about herself. Growing up, she was very much a people pleaser. Fearing that people will be angry or won’t like her, she said she used to hold back on her emotions and kept them hidden. Even during times when she is angry, she didn’t dare to express it out loud. Nowadays, she said she has come to realise the importance of learning to love herself even more and that it’s alright to be more vocal about her feelings.

Getting Help

As to dealing with depression, Ma Sichun calls on everyone not to be ashamed of it and to accept it so that they can then accept themselves. “Depression is a type of sickness. It is no different from other illnesses. People around you shouldn’t also blow it up and turn it into a big deal. Going to see a doctor or a specialist (to have it checked out), taking medication is the best choice”.

It’s a good thing the actress has taken steps to be more open about her struggles. Hopefully, this will also help open more discussions about mental health so that silent sufferers of depression can also get the help and treatment they need to overcome the illness.

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