Bai Jingting Has the First On-Screen Kiss of His Career in You Are My Hero

Bai Jingting Has His First Kiss On-Screen in You Are My Hero

Bai Jingting made his debut seven years ago after landing the role as the second lead in the 2014 Sohu series Back in Time. Since then, he’s continued to leave viewers with a case of second lead syndrome through roles such as Lu Zhi Ang in Rush to the Dead Summer (that one ended well, I think).

Bai Jingting has successfully transitioned to leading man status in recent years and returns to the small screen with not one but two of his dramas You Are My Hero and Ping Pong currently on air. You Are My Hero pairs up Sandra Ma Sichun with Bai Jingting in a modern romance between doctor Mi Ka and special ops agent Xing Ke Lei. It’s drawn comparisons to the 2015 Korean hit drama Descendants of the Sun due to the similarities in theme though the production was quick to clear up that it is based on a novel by author Mu Qingyu 沐清雨 that was first released in 2013.

The new episode of You Are My Hero saw both leads trapped under a mine and running out of oxygen. There’s no better moment than a life-and-death situation for the male lead to make a romantic confession and just as Xing Ke Lei loses consciousness, Mi Ka leans in to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. And there you have it, that scene with Sandra Ma will now be known as Bai Jingting’s first onscreen kiss. Many were surprised that the 27-year-old actor still hasn’t had his onscreen kiss because didn’t he already play the leading man in Irreplaceable Love, but it seems there was really none? Considering he’s played characters where he couldn’t get the girl in the past and his more recent dramas don’t really give him a leading lady, it’s about time!

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