You Are My Hero Stars Sandra Ma and Bai Jingting Play Doctor and Cop

Doctor and police officer romances seem to be getting quite popular these days as another one, modern drama You Are My Hero / You Are My City and Fortress 你是我的城池营垒, wraps up filming. 

Featuring an unexpected pairing between actress Sandra Ma as doctor Mi Ka opposite Bai Jingting’sXing Kelei, the drama adaptation of Mu Qingyu’s novel of the same name pays tribute to the faceless everyday heroes who fiercely dedicate themselves to their duties. Given its very nature, the medical field certainly has no shortage of life or death drama, a characteristic mirrored by police work. With that serving as the background to a blossoming romance between a new hospital resident doctor and a special police elite officer, viewers can look forward to an interesting adventure as the unlikely pair undergo disaster relief work following an earthquake to some international peace keeping action overseas.
Call it déjà-vu or what but I feel like there’s something familiar about this synopsis. It kinda feels like a mash up of other dramas – the doctors on a medical mission when an earthquake strikes bears a resemblance to Breath of Destiny’s plot while the special ops and doctor romance bit brings to mind Huang Jingyu and Li Qin’s currently filming Dear Uniform. Not to mention that there seems to be a rise in medical themes with Yang Mi and Bai Yu’s Thank You Doctor currently in production as well as Chen Xiao and Olivia Wang’s Healer of Children that has long been waiting to air. 
Anyway, let’s take a peek at the show with some freshly dropped photos from the drama’s production team.
The drama also features Wang Yang, Jiang Peiyao, Chen Hao and Zhang Yao.
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