Ouyang Nana Assures Fans She’s Alright After Harassment Incident at the Airport

Ouyang Nana FI
Ouyang Nana

Musician and actress Ouyang Nana just had a scary run in at the Beijing airport last night when a male fan kept asking the actress if he could kiss her and then pulled at her hair. Luckily, one of her colleagues was able to seek help from airport staff, with police arriving quickly to deal with the situation. Even whilst he was being taken away by police, the man kept insisting that he personally knew Nana.

Ouyang Nana Assures Fans She's Alright After Harassment Incident at the Airport

Thankfully, it seems the star is none the worse for wear after the rather unnerving situation. Nana’s Studio assured fans that the star is healthy and emotionally stable, confirming that Nana is back at work and that there’s nothing to worry about. They also thanked airport police and witness for their support during the investigation. Meanwhile, Ouyang Nana herself also took to social media in the wee hours of the morning to confirm that she just finished work and for fans to rest assured that she is safe.

The actress is currently in the Chinese capital to complete preparations for this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala to welcome in the lunar new year next week.

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