Ouyang Nana Opens Up About Dropping Out of Music School When She Was 15

Ouyang Nana

Something quite personal Ouyang Nana never talked about until now is of her dropping out of music school almost five years ago. Being a musician is no easy feat. Having the drive and the confidence to succeed as a musician is important, but it might also not be something a young adult at the tender age of 13 might have at that time.

Studying in one of the top music programs in the US, Ouyang Nana said that she felt everyone was so good that it’ll be hard for her to surpass them. And because she also didn’t have any goals set, she decided to withdraw after two years. Nowadays, the actress and classical musician said she’s gradually built up her self confidence and that she’s happily into her studies at Berklee which she got into two years ago.

“I Can’t”

Ouyang Nana

For someone who’s uprooted her entire life for the sake of honing her musical skills overseas, it’s interesting to learn that her entertainment career is much more important to her than her career as a professional cellist. When asked if she had the chance to become a professional cellist but had to give up being an artiste, Ouyang Nana said “I just can’t”. The way she sees it, there’s just too many amazing musicians out there that she doesn’t necessarily standout as a musician. “Amongst the many artistes in the industry, there’s only one Ouyang Nana, but in the world of cellists, she’s not the only one.”

Nana also adds that becoming a professional cellist requires you to give up certain things and experiences, something it appears she’s not quite keen to do since she says she wants “to experience other things and want to see the world”. After all, it takes a huge amount of dedication and hours of daily practice to be at the top of your game as a cellist.

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