Ouyang Nana and Angela Zhang in Hot Water After Their Chinese National Day Performance

Ouyang Nana and Angela Zhang in Hot Water After Their Chinese National Day Performance

It’s not a secret that one of the most anticipated shows for national day is CCTV’s National Day Gala, as the state-run network never fails to splash out for its yearly celebration. For this year’s festivities, Taiwanese artists Ouyang Nana and Angela Zhang were invited by the network to help mark the occasion. Ouyang Nana joined other artists on stage in singing the patriotic song “My Motherland” 我的祖國. Meanwhile, a stunning Angela appeared onstage with other celebs like William Chan, Zhang Bichen, Guan Xiaotong, Leo Wu Lei etc. in a royal blue gown singing “Guardian” 守護, a homage to the people at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19.

CCTV's National Day Celebrations

“Doing extraordinary things in ordinary jobs, in everyone’s time of need you came forward, ordinary yet awe-inspiring! I wish to pay tribute to each one of you, guardians of a better life!” writes Angela Zhang on her social media.

Political Controversy

Not everyone appears to be impressed however by the pair’s performance as Taiwanese authorities have threatened to punish both singers with a hefty amount for their actions. If found guilty of violating Taiwan’s cross strait regulations, Ouyang Nana and Angela Zhang stand to be fined up to half a million Taiwanese dollars.

Ouyang Nana and Angela Zhang in Hot Water After Their Chinese National Day Performance

As both are from Taiwan, they are prohibited to take part in any political activities linked to the mainland; and singing patriotic songs on national TV is construed as one. Taiwanese Premier Su Tseng-chang has said this about the issue: “Taiwan is a free and democratic country. Some people are enjoying this democracy and freedom as well as our health insurance benefits. As public figures, they went to the mainland to sing inappropriate songs. The people will make their own conclusions.”

Last year, Ouyang Nana made her sentiments clear after declaring that “she is Chinese and that she fully supports the One China policy” in response to rumours running rife about her family’s political views.

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