My Little Happiness Star Xing Fei Says: Can’t I Praise My Own Work?

Xing Fei

Actress Xing Fei, the female lead of sweet romance My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 caught flak from Netizens recently after cameras caught her cheekily saying her new show must be the best one amongst recent drama offerings. The actress had been chatting with fans to promote the drama when she was recorded saying: “I haven’t watched it yet, but I know My Little Happiness must be the best in recent days.”

Xing Fei on Camera
I haven’t watched it yet, but I know My Little Happiness must be the best in recent days.

In recent weeks, Xing Fei and good friend slash Put Your Head on My Shoulder co-star Daddi Tang Xiaotian have been keeping viewers company with their sweet sweet scenes as law intern Cong Rong and surgeon Wen Shaoqing. Despite its tried and tested trope of childhood sweethearts turned lovers, lots of good things have been said about the show. If anything else, the undeniable chemistry between Xing Fei and Daddi Tang as seen in their bajillion kissing scenes heating up the cameras and the fluffy lighthearted feels served up by this rom-com has had many fans gushing.

However, some Netizens seem to have taken offense with her statement, asking if it’s really necessary for her to say such things. Doing so seems to be indirectly dissing the other shows also on air currently, which is why Netizens have said she’s being a wee bit arrogant and cocky about the show’s success. Meanwhile, others have pointed out that she shouldn’t be overly proud since she didn’t exactly fit the image of law intern Cong Rong from the book and that her acting needs some more work.

Xing Fei's Comment

In response to the uproar from a fleeting comment, Xing Fei responded by expressing her confusion, “Can’t I praise my own work? Don’t mess with my vibe. In my heart, My Little Happiness is the best (show) in recent days!” The next day, male lead Daddy Tang commented on Xing Fei’s post to say, “Cong Rong (Xing Fei’s character name) is the best in my heart.”

What do you guys think? Personally, it looked like Xing Fei just said it in jest, but admittedly she should’ve remembered how things can sometimes be blown out of proportion in the industry. I guess for actors, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more careful about what they say lest it be misinterpreted and taken out of context. But also, let’s be a little more tolerant and cut them some slack too.

my little happiness couple

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