Esther Yu Shuxin Fangirls Over Blackpink’s Lisa as They Add Each Other on WeChat

Esther Yu Shuxin
Esther Yu Fangirls over Lisa M

We all know how much THE9’s Esther Yu Shuxin loves her Youth With You 2 青春有你2 mentor Lisa. Remember how she totally fangirled over Lisa when she met her for the very first time on the show’s premiere episode last year?

Lisa returns as the program’s dance mentor for the third season together with a new batch of mentors including Li Ronghao, Wilber Pan and Chris Li Yuchun as the PD. Also returning to the show? Esther Yu Shuxin as season 3’s Youth Tutor – which means she’ll be working closely once again with her idol Lalisa Manoban!

Yesterday’s reunion on the program’s premiere episode appears to be a quite a memorable one particularly for Esther after exchanging numbers with her favourite celeb! I mean, imagine your idol telling you “I miss you so much, can you give me your phone number?”

I’d probably be just as giddy jumping around as Esther was after successfully adding each other. When she later tried to play it cool (sort of) and said “I won’t bother you often, I am also busy. I will send you a message when I miss teacher Lisa”, Lisa told her “you can text me anytime”.

These two are just too cute! I love how despite spending an entire season with each other, Esther is still such a fan over Lisa and just as equally, how sweet Lisa is towards her.

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