Blackpink’s Lisa Returns for the Third Season of Youth With You!

Blackpink's Lisa Returns for Season 3!

As the new season of iQIYI’s idol making program Youth With You 青春有你 gets underway, the countdown to the big reveal of the third season’s much awaited line up of mentors has already begun! The show’s first two reveals were a homecoming of sorts, as yesterday’s unveiling saw the return of Li Ronghao as the contest’s vocal mentor. Meanwhile, today’s equally exciting unveiling has many – most especially Blackpink and Lisa Manoban fans, squealing in delight because the dance mentor is indeed returning for a brand new season!

Li Ronghao

As expected, viewers blown away by the multi-talented rapper-singer and dancer’s super cute personality and awesome dance moves in the previous season were thrilled by the news of the idol’s comeback to the show. And I think many of us also enjoyed seeing another side of Lisa -her “tough love” and super strict demeanour to ensure the trainees all do their very best was quite surprising! Well that excitement translated to Lisa landing once again on both Chinese and South Korean social media’s trending list as well as on Twitter with the hashtag #LISA_YouthWithYou3.

“Youth With You Season 3, I’m Back!”

Now that both the vocal and dance mentors have been revealed, there’s only the rap mentor and the people’s representative left to be seen. Word on the street is that Wilbur Pan MIGHT possibly be Season 3’s rap mentor if Rainie Yang’s post is any indicator. Li Ronghao’s wife wrote “teacher Li, teacher Pan, given our friendship, it wouldn’t be too excessive to ask you to introduce me to Lisa is it?” Could it be? Whatever the case it won’t be such a long wait now since the next mentor is going to be unveiled tomorrow.

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