Blackpink’s Lisa Shows Viewers Why She’s Named Dance Mentor for Season 2 of Youth With You

lisa youth with you
Season 2 of iQIYI’s idol making program Youth With You 青春有你2 is getting into the swing of things as the show held its press conference earlier today to finally give us our first glimpse of the show’s mentors. 
This season’s exciting line up includes Lisafrom South Korean pop group Blackpink, the previous big winner Cai Xukun (aka Kun), Ella Chen from Taiwanese group S.H.E.and rapper Jony JThe format is similar to Produce 101 where companies send in their trainees to participate in the show and where mentors closely train with the participants to come out with a new idol group. In season two, Kun was roped in as the producer’s representative, Lisa as the dance mentor, Ella as the music mentor and Jony J as the rap mentor (rather unusual as the rapper was once caught saying he wasn’t a fan of idols).  

lisa youth with you
For today’s press conference, the show’s mentors naturally had to show off their skills and  Lisa certainly caught fan’s attention when she danced to the tune of Senorita. In fact fans got so excited that it’s even birthed a new hashtag #YouthWithLalisa on Twitter and “Lisa’s Garlic Pounding Dance” on Chinese social media. Not bad for the show’s publicity eh? It’s no wonder she got the gig as the dance mentor for the show as the girl’s really got the moves – Kun also tried to teach everybody PPAP’s iconic garlic pounding dance which the kpop idol learned in all but the second try. She totally made it look so easy too. 
The two’s visuals were certainly well matched as well with Kun looking spiffy in a black suit and Lisa in a black dress with a flouncy short skirt that totally worked for her when she danced. All in all an auspicious start for the show don’t you think?
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