Zheng Shuang Responds to the Backlash, Loses Prada Endorsement Following Surrogacy and Child Abandonment Scandal

Couple No More
Zheng Shuang

After the huge commotion caused by her ex boyfriend’s revelations yesterday, the Zhang Heng – Zheng Shuang issue continues to gather momentum as the actress finally responds to the many questions raised by Zhang Heng’s post. In her statement shared this afternoon, Zheng Shuang emphasised no laws in either China or the US were broken and that she was being extorted for money in exchange for keeping her privacy.

This is a deeply painful and personal matter for me. I didn’t want this matter to be bandied about in the public eye, but it has been exposed bit by bit with ulterior motives. After reflecting on this for a while, I have no choice but to respond to the issue despite my hesitation about taking up public resources.

Our legal teams in China and the US have never given up fighting for the legal rights and interests of myself and my family, nor have they given up on mediating this case with the other party. We have repeatedly refused to give in to efforts to blackmail  us for our privacy. I have also taken the lead to protect our rights as the case progresses under the US legal system.

As an artist, I am well aware of the prevention measures to control the epidemic in our country. I have not violated these measures whilst on Chinese soil and I have respected the laws and regulations when I am abroad…”

Frankly speaking, Zheng Shuang’s statement feels like she just skirted around the issue and didn’t directly address any of the concerns about the two children and surrogacy which is still considered illegal in China. However, it’s also very possible that she can’t really disclose any details since the case is still pending.


The backlash from yesterday’s huge revelations however has already begun so it’s likely that Zheng Shuang’s projects like Jade Lover 翡翠恋人, Secret Keepers 绝密者, A Chinese Ghost Story只问今生恋沧溟 will be put on the back burner facing delays and even her return to the variety show Shine! Super Brothers will be affected. As to how this controversy could impact her endorsements still remains to be seen, but seeing how Italian luxury brand Prada just cut ties with the actress a few moments ago, it’s just a matter of time really before we see the effects.

Zheng Shuang for Prada
Zheng Shuang was a brand ambassador for Prada

Aside from having to untangle herself from the huge PR nightmare, it also appears Zheng Shuang now has the State to worry about as State TV network CCTV News just shared a blind item calling out the move.

There was a case previously of a surrogate mother wanting to return the “merchandise”, then a certain celebrity who is suspected of having children via surrogacy wanted to abandon the responsibility of raising them. Even more outrageous is hearing said celebrity say ‘I can’t even get rid of it, I’m so annoyed to death!’ on a leaked recording.

Surrogacy is expressly prohibited in our country, and its disregard for life is heinous: in the preference of having boys, surrogates carrying girls are in danger of being forced to abort the fetus; if the fetus is defective there’s also the possibility of it being aborted. Bottom line, the law cannot tolerate such things and morals cannot tolerate it either!”

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