Zhang Heng Debunks Fraud Rumours, Inadvertently Raises More Speculation About Zheng Shuang Being the Mother of His Kids

Zhang Heng's Kids
Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang in happier times
Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang in happier times

Since his breakup with ex girlfriend Zheng Shuang at the end of 2019, Zhang Heng has pretty much disappeared from the public eye. Today however, the actress’ ex bf and former manager is back in the spotlight when he resurfaced to defend himself against rumours of him committing fraud, scamming people out of their money and fleeing to the US with the funds… except the inadvertent bombshell he dropped with his defense opened the door to more questions about his situation … and Zheng Shuang’s potential involvement in it!

In his statement, Zhang Heng finally speaks up to defend his side of the story, saying that he no longer wanted to “bury his head in the sand because it is not only me who faced all of this, but also my beloved family.” Zhang Heng adds that the accusations against him are all rumours. “I swear I have never done these things! I won’t do these things either! I am indeed in the United States, but the reason why my family and I remained in the US for more than a year is because we must take care and protect two young and innocent lives.”

Zhang Heng
Zhang Heng included the above photo with his statement

More than his clarification, it was actually his reference of having to care for and protect “two young and innocent lives” that had many people abuzz. After all, there had never been any mention of him having kids in the past, either when he and Zheng Shuang were still dating or even after breaking up, so who are these children he was referring to? In separate discussions, it is reported that the actor confirmed the two children with him in the photograph are indeed his own. He also revealed that both children are a year and a month old already.

Doing the math, it’s clear why some Netizens are intrigued that the children’s ages coincide with the time of the couple’s break up in December of 2019. Could it be that the couple broke up over the news of his kids? Then there are also those speculating that Zheng Shuang is likely to be the mother of the two via a surrogate.

When word about the two children first got out, media supposedly contacted one of Zhang Heng’s friends who confirmed he is indeed taking care of two children in the US and that allegedly, because Zheng Shuang did not cooperate with the legal procedures, the children could not return to China legally. That also means Zhang Heng couldn’t come home either because he had to take care of the kids.

Even more surprising, Zhang Heng’s alleged friend also provided media with copies of the children’s birth certificates which indicate the name of Shuang ZHENG (aged 28) as the mother, giving further credence to the speculation. And if that wasn’t messy enough, the information Netizens dug up about the dissolution hearing between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng and its scheduled March 22, 2021 court date is yet another nail in the coffin. A dissolution of marriage indicates the pair are divorcing, which means they had to have been married in the first place to be able to do so.

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