Zheng Shuang’s Boyfriend Addresses Public Perception That He’s Living Off Her

Zheng Shuang’s Boyfriend Addresses Public Perception That He’s Living Off Her
zheng shuang zhang heng
Ever since they’ve gone public with their dating status, Zheng Shuang and her boyfriend Zhang Heng have been couple goals from Zheng Shuang’s cutesy, sweet nothings about her beau on social media to him accompanying the actress on her tapings. But not everything is perfect in their paradise as some have taken to labelling Zhang Heng as a guy that eats soft rice (吃软饭). It is a Chinese idiom which means that the man is financially dependent on the woman.

Zhang Heng recently addressed the topic on the reality show Meeting Mr. Right which features the couple. He admits that he’s aware of people’s perception of him and shares his two cents about it. 
zheng shuang zhang heng
When they decided to start this relationship, he had prepared for all the possible outcomes, including being badmouthed since Zheng Shuang is a like a princess whom everyone adores. He knows that most people will have higher standards about her other half. Most know their history meeting on the robot combat show This is Fighting Robots and that since then, Zhang Heng’s jobs have become related to her like being her manager and the two of them venturing into a clothing business together. Despite what others are saying about the money or benefits of dating her, what matters to him is that his conscience is clear.

He knows in his heart that the things Zheng Shuang are doing now are things that she wants to do. Even if other people say bad things, he can ignore it. Even if he gets angry, he can sleep it off and forget about it. As long as it’s not his girlfriend or his parents’ opinions, he can deal with other people’s comments since he’s the type to think things through before jumping into anything and he knows what he signed up for. 
Zheng Shuang added that a reason she wanted to get into business with her boyfriend was so that they can spend more time together. In their guesting, it’s evident how comfortable they are with each other. Zheng Shuang seems genuinely happy with him and yes, I believe they really shouldn’t be bothered about what others think. 
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