Zheng Shuang Cues Jin Chen Again in Her Now-Deleted Apology

Zheng Shuang Cues Jin Chen Again in Her Now-Deleted Apology Leaving Many Confused

It looks like the whole debacle that began with a comment Zheng Shuang made on Shine! Super Brothers alluding to Gina Jin Chen and Deng Lun’s past relationship and ended with her apology and sudden decision to coordinate her departure from the show is not yet over.

Zheng Shuang recently revealed that she wasn’t able to work things out and will be back on Shine! Super Brothers. Furthermore, Zheng Shuang took to social media today to apologize to Jin Chen as she said: “Jin Chen little jiejie (older sister), I think that I cannot escape my own guilt, I’d like to say my sincere apologies, hope that you can accept my apology, I cannot deceive myself and others while going on the show … ashamed.”

Zheng Shuang’s actions got her trending on Weibo from discussions about how she backpedalled on her decision to quit the show to confusions about her decision to apologize to Jin Chen. Many thought that there was no need for her to make the apology public as it would make things awkward for Jin Chen by giving renewed attention to a topic that has already died down. Some said that Deng Lun is owed an apology too. Zheng Shuang actually deleted her apology soon after yet also received criticism for doing so.

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