Ultimate Note Wins Praise from Grave Robbers Chronicles Book Fans, Author Xu Lei Trends for the Wrong Reasons

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Tomb raiding trio Wu Xie, Xiao Ge and Wang Pang Zi’s latest swashbuckling adventure ends on a high as Ultimate Note 终极笔记 , the newest addition to The Lost Tomb franchise unlocks an achievement when book fans of Nan Pai San Shu’s Grave Robbers Chronicles / Daomu Biji 盗墓笔记 series give it their rousing stamp of approval! You know it’s good when even book fans give it their thumbs up!

Ultimate Note Wins Praise from Grave Robbers Chronicles Book Fans, Author Xu Lei Trends for the Wrong Reasons

Despite having an all new cast with Joseph Zeng Shunxi, Xiao Yuliang (reprising his role as Xiao Ge after Tomb of the Sea) and Cheng Fangxu’s version of the “iron triangle,” Hani Kezi as Ah Ning and Liu Yuning as Hei Yanjing aka Black Glasses, the series seem to have hit the sweet spot with many viewers who grew to love the characters once more and who enjoyed seeing the friendship between Wu Xie and Xiao Ge growing stronger throughout their adventures.

Compared to the earlier adaptations which boasts of a higher profile cast (and budget), Ultimate Note has a relatively inexperienced cast. However, the warm reception received from fans by the show proves that a good show does not necessarily have to come with a higher price tag.

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Of course it doesn’t hurt too that the Ultimate Note’s screenwriters were also quite clever in their approach, opting to stick to the plot of the original books as much as they can with this adaptation which is based on books 4 to 7 of the nine Daomu Biji books.

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No Love For His Characters

Ironically, it was also for this very reason that author Xu Lei (Nan Pai San Shu’s real name) was trending recently when Netizens pointed out how ridiculous it was that a drama where the book’s original author was NOT involved in the development turned out to be one of the most faithful to the books. Unlike the other adaptions, Xu Lei didn’t have a hand in the production of Ultimate Note which was mainly produced by iQiyi and H&R Century Pictures.

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H&R Century Pictures also produced The Lost Tomb and Explore with the Note. While the previous live adaptations some of which Xu Lei worked on himself as the screenwriter have its charms, there were complaints about fillers and drastic changes to the original plot! As such, Netizens have complained that the author appears to have no love for his characters at all.

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