Patrick Shih Travels Back Through Time in First Love Again with Amy Chen

First Love Again

After a series of worrying posts that had many fans concerned earlier in the month, it’s great to see Taiwanese actor Patrick Shih back in the spotlight with his new project First Love Again 循环初恋 which wrapped filming on January 26. The Someday or One Day star seems to be enjoying his forays into the time travelling romance genre seeing that he’s back with another one.

In recent years, light-hearted romances have steadily grown its foothold amongst audiences in search of something playful, upbeat .. and light. But at the risk of “blending in” with the slew of sweet campus romances that’s taking hold of the industry, it appears First Love Again is taking a slightly different route by throwing in some fantasy into the formula – the fantasy bit being time travel. That is how our present day protagonist Ye Youning finds himself re-experiencing life as a high schooler again in 2006, rekindling friendships and reliving the sweetness of first love.

Patrick Shih and Amy Chen in First Love Again

In a brand new pairing, Patrick Shih co-stars with one of the stars of last year’s time travel drama I Don’t Want to be Friends With You, actress Amy Chen Haoyu. Visually, the pair appears to be quite well matched in their sporty green student sweats and in their more “mature” get up fifteen years later. Patrick plays the arrogant and silent high achiever Ye Youning opposite Amy Chen’s cheerful Xia Wenxi in the 24 episode web drama adapted from the bestselling novel Time Machine 时光机 by author DTT. First Love Again also stars Gao Maotong, Gao Qiuzi, Yang Xuan, and Xu Wanting.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the actors and a peek at some of the scenes for the drama.

First Love Again
Amy Chen Haoyu in First Love Again
Patrick Shih

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