Patrick Shih’s Cryptic Post on Instagram Has Fans Worried About His Mental Health

Patrick Shih

Goodbye. Don’t cry anymore”.  These are the words accompanying the solid black square Taiwanese actor Patrick Shih posted on Instagram today. With no explanation given for the frankly very alarming post, fans are naturally very worried about the state of the actor’s mental health.

Today's scary post
The actor’s post today which frightened a lot of his fans

As of late, Patrick has been sharing images many fans think are hinting at his depression. On January 2, the actor posted a somber photo of a wooden ceiling with the words “people are lonely after all and they learn how to get along with themselves”. As if that wasn’t unsettling enough, his next post on January 5 came with a caption that read “It’s been a long time since I was so innocent and so happy”.  The actor was wearing a huge grin on his face in the accompanying photo.

When the media reached out to his staff to ask about his social media update, they explained that the weather is cold at the place where Patrick Shih is shooting his next project, what’s more, with shooting about to end soon, he was very reluctant to say goodbye to his character which made him feel down and frustrated.

Patrick Shih rose in popularity after his breakout role in the drama Someday or One Day 想見你. It’s reported that when filming for the series first began, the actor put himself under a lot of pressure and just couldn’t relax. As soon as filming ended for the day, he would shut himself in the closet to hide from everyone. One time his co-star Greg Hsu carried him out and rebuked him with a “why are you doing this?!” as did Ko Chia-yen who also tried to talk to him.

Patrick Shih on IG
” It’s been a long time since I was so innocent and so happy”

This actually isn’t the first time Patrick’s Instagram posts scared his fans. Back in September, he updated his profile photo and changed in to a solid black. Fans concerned about his emotions tried to reach out to him. At the time, his agency Yilin Entertainment responded to media inquiries by saying “Patrick Shih has been working in the mainland recently and the pressure is indeed relatively high. His Instagram account is managed personally by himself. Once filming wraps up for the day, the company will try to get to the bottom of the situation. Thank you to fan’s concern. And apologies for worrying everyone.”

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