Would You Believe Yang Yang Still Doesn’t Have His Own Studio

Yang Yang Tencent
Yang Yang
Yang Yang at the Tencent Awards

In the many years since his industry debut, Chinese actor Yang Yang’s star has only continued to shine brighter. And just the other day,  he added another feather to his cap by joining a prestigious group of artists including Kris WuYang MiWang YiboZhao LiyingYang ZiXiao Zhan and his You are My Glory co-star Dilraba Dilmurat  who were honoured with the VIP Star award. That’s no small feat!

With all eyes suddenly on him, Yang Yang’s award also served to draw attention to the fact that the actor still does not have his own studio established to manage his interests. Hard to believe isn’t it for an artist considered a hot star in the industry? Fans have also revealed that apart from the actor, his entire team was composed of five people including two assistants and a body guard.

Tencent Red Carpet

What has the actor’s fans in a snit however is the fact that the actor seems quite ill prepared for his red carpet appearance in the Tencent awards. Now this might be a purely superficial thing for some but looking at the other male awardees like Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan, both stars had second outfits to change into following their walk down the red carpet. Yang Yang in contrast appeared quite “shabby” according to fans since he was wearing the same outfit for the entire event.  And speaking of his outfit, not only was the all white ensemble he was sporting out of proportion for his frame, it looked extra shabby because it was wrinkled and untailored in the photographs! All these slip ups only served to underline for fans that his current team doesn’t seem care about him at all!

Yang Yang's outfit
Fans complain about the unflattering cut of his suit and its wrinkled appearance

In any case, it seems this was the last straw for his many fans who petitioned his company Yuekai Entertainment for multiple changes lest they stop supporting his endeavours. Fans asked for the replacement of his two agents Liu Jun and Zhang Youbiao as well as the creation of his own studio manned by a professional team to adequately meet his interests. Lastly, they also urged for transparency and an accountability system from the team so that problems can be firmly identified and a resolution quickly determined.  

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