Stars Descend Upon Tencent’s Annual Video All Star Awards, Xiao Zhan Gets a Sea of Red Lights from Fans

Tencent's Awards Night Draws All the Stars

Who isn’t up for a bit of eye candy brought to you by an awards ceremony? Certainly not I and betcha fans wouldn’t say no as well to watching the ladies get all glammed up for the red carpet and the gentlemen looking quite dapper in their spiffy suits. Well, last night’s star studded event did just that as Tencent held its annual Video All Star Night Awards ceremony honouring its artists. The night’s biggest award went to Kris Wu, Yang Mi, Wang Yibo, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan, Dilraba Dilmurat and Yang Yang who were all recipients of the VIP Star award from Tencent.

Red Carpet and Awards Ceremony Style

Of course, an awards show wouldn’t be complete without any mention of the fashion worn by the many stars now wouldn’t it? This year, it seems a lot of the ladies opted to go with two looks .. one to sashay down the red carpet in and another for the ceremony.

In contrast to the playful pink gown she wore on the Tencent red carpet, Yang Mi was the picture of sophistication in the silver embellished gown she wore on stage. Zhao Liying on the other hand pulled out all the stops in not just one but three gowns for the event. The Legend of Fei actress wore a stunning gold and black strapless ball gown with a poofy skirt to receive her award, an off the shoulder embellished pink number with a side slit and a deceptively simple blue floaty one that was just as pretty. Meanwhile, fellow VIP awardee Dilraba chose two contrasting lewks for the night, stepping out first with a princess-like look for the red carpet in a white ball gown with red roses and a tiara and then later switching into a slinky sparkly number for the stage.

Yang Zi's lewk in Tencent's Annual Awards Night

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well for The Oath of Love actress Yang Zi who caught the eyes of the fashion police for the red and black ensemble she wore on stage. Wearing a combination of a long red skirt with black puffy sleeves paired with a black floral bodice, Netizens criticised her look by saying she’s “dressed like a matchmaker” and that “standing next to a group of stars, she looks terribly unsophisticated” said others. Ouch, that’s quite harsh to be honest, but at least she’s willing to try out different looks even if it didn’t turn out perfectly you know?

That’s a photoshopped Yang Zi on the very left!

Nonetheless, to the bashers who say she looks like she’s going to a Chinese New Year’s gala, the actress shut them all down with a “well, I’ll just wish everyone a happy new year then” whilst also photoshopping herself into a photo of a CNY gala!

A Sea of Red Light

a sea of red
A sea of red lights greets Xiao Zhan

The night was a pretty unforgettable one for Xiao Zhan too. Aside from winning the VIP star award, his fans surprised him with a sea of red “战”s to show their support each time he took to the stage whether it was to sing a duet with his Oath of Love co-star Yang Zi or to receive his award. After the AO3 scandal which forced him to keep his head down for the most part of 2020, it must be such a heartwarming and humbling moment for him to see such a huge outpouring of love from his supporters.

Xiao Zhan

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