THE9’s Zhao Xiaotang in Hot Water After Calling Fan Chengcheng ‘Fan Lao San’

Zhao Xiaotang

Talk about putting her foot in her mouth! THE9’s Zhao Xiaotang has been known not to pull her punches when speaking her mind. Well today, the singer’s bluntness gets her into trouble once again after cameras caught her calling series regular Fan Chengcheng Fan lao san 范老三 on Fourtry 潮流合伙人, a variety show where stars try their hand at running a fashion popup promoting Chinese designers that she’s guesting in.

Chalk it up to excitement or what but it seems Zhao Xiaotang was totally feeling her promotion to deputy store manager albeit a little bit too much when she started nitpicking Fan Chengcheng’s performance deliberately. Not only did she criticise Chengcheng’s photography as “not professional enough” because he was sitting on the ground whilst taking photos of her, at one point she also told him “aren’t you just a driver?” You see, Fan Chengcheng had taken on the role of driving the show’s guests around since he enjoyed it and for her to say that to him in that manner seems to imply that she looks down on the profession.

However, what really got viewers (especially Nine Percent fans) protesting was how Zhao Xiaotang went overboard to call Fan Chengcheng Fan lao san – a term used by anti-fans because he ranked third when Nine Percent debuted in 2018.

fan chengcheng zhao xiaotang

Whether this was said with malicious intent or not, many fans felt Zhao Xiaotang’s attitude was quite contemptuous and that her words and actions were disrespectful. After all, Fan Chengcheng is her “senior” in the industry, having debuted much earlier with more experience under his belt. There are others though who think Zhao Xiaotang was just messing around. Regardless, many have encouraged her to be more mindful of her words and actions and to be more humble and polite especially since she’s a public figure now.

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