Throwback to Some Adorable Photos of a Young Fan Chengcheng

Since today is friday, it’s time for some Flashback Friday photos of singer and actor Fan Chengcheng! These photos just surfaced recently, giving us a glimpse of him long before the stardom and the requisite idol makeover took over.   

I dunno about you guys but when I was younger, I too was sporting the dreaded bowl cut most kids were rockin’ back then regardless of gender. You guys know the one – the bowl cut that spawned a whole slew of memes coz it literally looks like someone cut around a bowl on your head. Good thing we didn’t care back then. But it’s amusing how the hair style holds true for kids all over. Lest we forget celebrities are just like us and went through the same awkwardness of childhood at one point, here are some super cute photos of a young Fan Chengcheng. Enjoy!
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