Fan Bingbing on Her Brother Fan Chengcheng and Ex-Fiancee Li Chen: All I Could Do Was Keep Them Away

Fan Bingbing on Her Brother Fan Chengcheng and Ex-Fiancee Li Chen: All I Could Do Was Keep Them Away

It has been over a year since Fan Bingbing and Li Chen suddenly called off their engagement. In a recent magazine interview, the 39-year-old actress reveals the reason for the breakup.

Fan Bingbing admits that just like other people, she finds that it’s quite a pity too. However, she says, “I have always felt that, firstly, I have never regretted my decision towards this relationship that I once had, secondly, I am very thankful to him (Li Chen), thankful for this person and the beauty he showed me during that time. Many have vilified him, that’s because they did not stand from the perspective of the two of us in that environment, they don’t know how hard it was to take every step, at that time, because of my situation, he and my brother (Fan Chengcheng) were both largely affected. All their work was suspended, and they suffered a lot of grievances, I feel very sorry for them. The only thing I could do was to keep them away from me and try not to affect them.”

After admitting their relationship in 2015, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen quickly became a power couple in Chinese entertainment. When Fan Bingbing was involved in the tax evasion scandal in 2018, Li Chen publicly expressed his support. However, rumors of a breakup rose in 2019 which was confirmed when the two split in June 2019. It is Fan Bingbing’s first time to address the reason behind her breakup. She believes that Li Chen is a person who is worthy of respect and devotion and says that they have remained friends.

Fan Bingbing was once one of the country’s most influential celebrities. However, she not been able to resume filming projects in China since the scandal. The star-studded film L.O.R.D. 2 which was finally released this month ultimately saw Fan Bingbing edited out of the movie which implies that a ban is still being imposed on the actress and her works. Nonetheless, she may just make her international comeback as the Hollywood film 355 is expected to be released in 2022.

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