Some Netizens Dissatisfied by Use of Chinese Flag for Fan Bingbing’s Showbiz Comeback in Spy Thriller The 355

The 355
Fan Bingbing

Leave it up to actress Fan Bingbing to return to showbiz with a (literal) bang! The actress joins an all-star cast of Hollywood heavyweights making up an elite group of kick-arse female spies in the movie The 355. Finally, after months of keeping her head down following her tax evasion troubles with the Chinese government two years ago, Fan Bingbing re-emerges from “exile” to play Chinese agent Lin Mi Sheng in 355. And so, without much further ado, here’s a sneak peek at the movie’s just released trailer –

I dunno about you but I quite like the idea of a group of swashbuckling women putting aside their differences to save the world. Call it a Charlie’s Angels rolled into a Mission Impossible sort of flick because the ladies will indeed be kicking some serious butt to keep world war three from happening. Course it also doesn’t hurt that Fan Bingbing is teaming up with Jessica Chastain (who can forget her blade wielding Sara in The Huntsman?), Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz and Diane Kruger as well as Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez in her comeback movie.

When filming first began last year, Fan Bingbing’s noticeable absence from the movie’s kick-off event with her co-stars initially had people worried. But all that is moot now that we have the posters and the movie’s first trailer to lay those concerns to rest. Besides, nothing screams her return to showbiz louder than a international blockbuster is there?

Elsewhere on the internet, you may have noticed that all five actresses are standing against a backdrop of the national flags indicating which country each agent hails from. Well, some netizens have taken an exception to the use of the Chinese flag in the promo materials. Not only are they pointing out that the positioning of the stars are incorrectly reflected in the poster it lacks the large star in the middle coz apparently that cannot be changed; they’re also saying its use for commercial purposes is considered illegal under the national flag law which prohibits its use for trademarks and advertisements which, a poster clearly is.

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