Fan Bingbing Gets Her Boxing Gloves On In Preparation for the Hollywood Film “The 355”

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Well, folks, if you’re curious about what Fan Bingbing is up to… Last night, she attended an event to promote her brand Fan Beauty. Last month, she did a stage reading at the Drum Tower West Theater and also appeared on the covers of Grazia Korea. While she is making her presence felt more often these days, Fan Bingbing hasn’t really done any drama or movie to officially mark her comeback to showbiz. 

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The 355 will be her first movie after her unfortunate bout with the Chinese government over tax evasion. Aside from Fan, The 355 is a high-profile spy action flick led by Hollywood stars Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Penelope Cruz and Lupita Nyong’o. Diane Kruger was brought in after Marion Cotillard who was part of the original female ensemble had to withdraw for personal reasons. 
Principal photography has commenced this week in Paris, France. Director Simon Kinberg along with Fan Bingbing’s costars attended the event.  Fan Bingbing, on the other hand was nowhere to be seen which had people worried at first. 
Nonetheless, Fan took to Instagram and wrote that she is very honored to be a part of the movie, tagging director Kinberg, her female cast mates as well as Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez who make up the male cast. Some people have speculated that the reason for Fan Bingbing’s absence was mainly due to the remaining debt she still has to settle with the Chinese government.  Until she fully pays back what she owes, there were speculations that she was prohibited from leaving China and theories that she will have to film her scenes separately.   
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The rumors seem baseless though as Fan Bingbing flew to South Korea just last month for a magazine shoot. Furthermore, the short montage of the cast preparing for the movie shows clips of Fan busy getting in shape. It seems that the actress has undergone serious training to lose weight and get fit in preparation for what is likely to be a badass character. Clearly, it looks like she should join filming in no time. 
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