My Best Friend’s Story Stars Liu Shishi and Ni Ni Twinning on Marie Claire’s February Cover

Liu Shishi NiNi FI
Liu Shishi and Ni Ni

Just in time for the debut of their remake of 80s Hong Kong classic Last Romance, TV best friends Liu Shishi and Ni Ni also debut a new androgynous look for a spread in Marie Claire’s February 2021 issue. Playing around with a yin and yang concept of twinning, it was all about the season’s neutral tones of black, white, cream and tan.

Do you like their looks for the shoot? Oversized 80s inspired blazers are supposed to be quite on-trend for 2021 so I’m not surprised to see that both Liu Shishi and Ni Ni gave it a whirl for their Marie Claire shoot.

Black and White: Liu Shishi and Ni Ni for Marie Claire

I say, despite the barely there makeup and the austere lines of the suiting and tailored shirts they were both wearing, both ladies still managed to shine in their fresh faced looks. And I quite liked how the shoot also did a 180 degree turn to put them both in slinky black and white slip dresses to give a sharp contrast.

A Dose of Femininity: Liu Shishi and Ni Ni for Marie Claire

My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 where Liu Shishi plays Jiang Nan and Ni Ni as Suo Suo is currently airing on CCTV-8 and online on iQiyi. Incidentally, in what is rumoured to be iQIYI’s response to the BL fixation currently holding audience’s attention, Dear Missy 了不起的女孩, another female helmed pairing touted as China’s answer to Gossip Girl and features Li Yitong and Gina Jin Chen is also currently on the air.  

My Best Friend's Story Starring Liu Shishi and Ni Ni
B + W: Liu Shishi and Ni Ni for Marie Claire
Contrasts: Liu Shishi and Ni NI for Marie Claire

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