Luo Yunxi Hops Back on the Romantic Drama Train Opposite Cheng Xiao in Lie to Love

Luo Yunxi and Cheng Xiao in Lie to Love

And on to the next! After a busy few months filming for his much anticipated BL adaptation Immortality, Leo Luo Yunxi finds himself jumping back into work mode as his next drama Lie to Love 良言写意 holds its boot ceremony on November 30.

Luo Yunxi and Cheng Xiao
Lie to Love Boot Ceremony

Lie to Love being a modern drama based on author Mu Fusheng’s novel of the same name, Luo Yunxi  hangs up his signature white robes and long hair momentarily in favour of stylish suits while he plays CEO Li Zeliang in this modern romantic drama opposite singer-actress Cheng Xiao who plays Su Xieyi.

What do you guys reckon? Drama pairings are always tricky little things and honestly, his amazing chemistry with Love is Sweet partner Bai Lu is probably still fresh on many people’s minds. Cheng Xiao might have big shoes to fill but let’s wait to see how she fairs before we judge. If anything, the visuals of the pair in the posters released by the drama look good!

Luo Yunxi and Chengxiao in Lie to Love

In Lie to Love, a free spirited and young Li Zeliang meets Su Xieyi by chance and the two quickly fall in love. By a twist of fate however, the relationship comes to an end after bad circumstances befall Xieyi’s family with evidence pointing to Li Zeliang as the guilty party.  The two later meet again when Xieyi reappears faking amnesia to get to the bottom of things whilst Li Zeliang, no longer the free spirited and sunny boy Xieyi once loved, is now a cold and black bellied CEO. Will fate finally give the pair a second chance at happiness?

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