Yukee Chen, Lin Yi and Kevin Yan Star in a Drama About the Restoration of Cultural Relics

Yukee Chen Yuqi who recently wrapped filming for Mirror: Twin Cities has jumped into her next project as filming began for her new drama Xi You Liu Li Wa 昔有琉璃瓦. She stars alongside Lin Yi and Kevin Yan Zidong as three people who are children of museum craftsmen at the Forbidden City. They grow up together, experience many changes and ultimately choose different paths.

Having starred in back-to-back historical dramas from Ashes of Love to the most recent And the Winner is Love, Yukee Chen has become known for her roles in the genre that it’ll be a refreshing change to finally see her in modern clothes. Instead of Steven Zhang Xincheng who was the rumored lead, Lin Yi who first rose to fame in Put Your My Head On My Shoulder will be starring as the leading man. At over six-foot tall, Lin Yi towers over Yukee for yet another adorable height difference between the new onscreen pairing. Like most dramas that have two male leads and a heroine, expect some romantic complications between the three leads. I actually like cast but not so much the theme about cultural relics. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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