“Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities” Introduces Cast

Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen

Aaaaaaand it’s official. Yesterday’s announcement has just confirmed that Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen will indeed be headlining the costumed Mirror Twin Cities 镜双城. It’s about time too as they’ve been keeping us all hanging on tenterhooks for much too long. Thank goodness the drama’s production has finally deigned to also announce the rest of the cast so there’s no longer a need to second guess things anymore!

Speaking of the cast, glad to see Li Yifeng tackling another costumed drama since it’s been four long years since we’ve seen him in period robes in Legend of Chusen. Although I have to say, the stark black costume he’s sporting as Su Mo in the poster isn’t exactly the colourful ones we’ve come to expect from the genre though it seems fitting for his character’s darker side. Meanwhile, Yukee who plays Bai Ying (not Na Sheng as we originally thought), paints a sharp contrast in her frosty white and blues as Su Mo’s pure and soft-hearted romantic interest. 

Other actors you can expect to see include web drama fixture Zheng Yecheng who plays crown prince Zhen Lan, Yang Zhiwen who ends up with the role of Miao girl Na Sheng, The Untamed’s Liu Haikuan who plays General Yun Huan, Ye Shengjia asYan Xiand Liu Chang as Xi Jing.

Mirror Twin Cities Li Yifeng

Mirror Twin Cities is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Cang Yue, where the sea king Su Mo and Bai Ying, a follower of the sword saint, take on the heavy burden to protect their people and rebuild their homelands at a great personal cost to themselves. 

Mirror Twin Cities Yukee Chen Yuqi
Mirror Twin Cities Zheng Yecheng
Mirror Twin Cities
Mirror Twin Cities Liu Haikuan
Mirror Twin Cities
Mirror Twin Cities

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