And the Winner is Love (2020)

And the Winner is Love (2020)
Adapted from author Junzi Yize’s martial arts novel of the same name, the drama And The Winner is Love 月上重火 brings us back to the pugilist universe, where one man’s endless ambition to master the “nine styles of the lotus god” surprisingly brings together two people out to stop him from further wreaking havoc in the pugilist world.

And the Winner is Love (2020)
Zhong Xue Zhi, daughter of Chonghuo Palace’s master, makes the acquaintance of Yue Shang Valley’s young master, Shangguan Tou while attending a pugilist gathering. When Chonghuo Palace’s treasured “nine styles of the lotus god” goes missing, Zhong Xue Zhi is blamed for the loss and expelled. Fleeing from several attempts to assassinate her, she fortunately bumps into Shangguan Tou and a mutual friendship springs between the two. The pair overcome multiple hardships along the way and eventually marry. However, with the theft of Chonghuo Palace’s treasure still unresolved, will the husband and wife team unmask the real culprits and keep them from unleashing further havoc with the new martial arts technique they stole? 
And the Winner is Love (2020)
Leo Luo Yunxi stars in this wuxia as Shangguan Tou opposite actress Yukee Chen’s Zhong Xue Zhi. IMHO he’s definitely made for this genre and even manages come out of those fight scenes unscathed, with nary a hair out of place and just that fan for a weapon *squeee*. I mean, he still looks great in his modern drama Love is Sweet with actress Bai Lu but the man totally OWNS the white robed long haired ancient drama look. In fact you know what, I think he’s rocking a similar look yet again in his much awaited drama Immortality with Legend of Awakening actor Arthur Chen so it is indeed fast becoming his trademark look.
And the Winner is Love (2020)
Not to mention his fans are surely in for a treat with the giant helping they’ll be getting since this romantic drama is 52 episodes long. Speaking of the cast, Zou Tingwei completes the mini Ashesof Love reunion as the baddie in the show, leading Luo Yunxi to finally stop third-wheeling and get the girl! Tian Yitong, Zhao Wenhao, Quan ShilunBao Tianqi, Li Zonghan and Zhang Junjie round up the rest of the cast.
And the Winner is Love (2020)
PS. The production just managed to pop out a trailer right before we hit publish to this article so have a look! Couldn’t help but get excited for this!
Release Date: May 28, 2020 iQIYI, Tencent Youku
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And the Winner is Love currently airing starring Luo Yunxi and Yukee Chen
And the Winner is Love currently airing starring Luo Yunxi and Yukee Chen
And the Winner is Love (2020)
And the Winner is Love (2020) Tian Yitong
And the Winner is Love (2020)
And the Winner is Love (2020)
And the Winner is Love (2020)
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