Xu Kai and Bai Lu Pairing Off the Table as Royal Feast Brings a Yanxi Palace Reunion with Wu Jinyan as the Lead

Wu Jinyan replaces Bai Lu to co-star with Xu Kai in Shang Shi
Wu Jinyan replaces Bai Lu to co-star with Xu Kai in Royal Feast

Contrary to producer Yu Zheng’s big casting announcement last year, it appears the expected match up between Xu Kai and Bai Lu for his Ming dynasty drama is now a no go. The Arsenal Military Academy and The Legends co-stars were expected to helm Royal Feast (Shang Shi) 尚食, the Jewel in the Palace-esque drama following a woman’s rise to the top of the imperial kitchen’s pecking order through her culinary prowess. However, new developments today have confirmed that a third reunion for Xu Kai and Bai Lu’s familiar pairing is just not in the cards.

Wu Jinyan to co-star with Xu Kai

Instead, shippers of the Yingluo and Fuheng romance from the Story of Yanxi Palace will be chuffed to learn that their favourite CP pairing lives on as Yu Zheng just confirmed that Wu Jinyan has been brought on board to co-star with Xu Kai in Royal Feast. For those of you who’ve despaired over ever seeing them work together again, this reunion is definitely a long time coming.

This most recent shake up in Huanyu Film’s established pairings is quite a switcheroo since they’ve been peddling a Xu Kai – Bai Lu and a Wu Jinyan – Nie Yuan tandem for some time now. Had the casting for Bai Lu pushed through for Royal Feast, this would’ve marked the pair’s third collab with each other. Meanwhile, Wu Jinyan has been paired constantly with her Huanyu colleague Nie Yuan for three of her more recent dramas like Story of Yanxi Palace, Legend of Haolan and Happiness Will Come Knocking Again. Now that Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai are finally reunited, things sure are starting to look interesting.

Actor Wang Yizhe who is Bai Lu’s leading man in Song of Youth joins the cast as the second lead. Update: The cast and crew held a boot ceremony on October 15, 2020 to mark the start of filming.

Wang Yizhe

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