Yu Zheng Puts Bai Lu and Newcomer Wang Yizhe at the Helm of His New Historical Comedy Song of Youth

song of youth bai lu wang yizhe

Jumping from one drama to the other, actress Bai Lusure is one busy gal these days. After just wrapping up filming for Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是 opposite Leo Luo Yunxi two weeks ago,  the actress threw herself back into work mode again as it was just confirmed today that she will be leading another Yu Zheng produced historical comedy called Song of Youth 玉楼春 opposite fellow Huanyu Film colleague Wang Yizhe.
Now it’s widely known that the screenwriter- producer throws his full weight behind the artistes he supports – just look at how much he advocated Wu Jinyan’s career after she moved to Huanyu in 2016. So it’s not entirely a big surprise that he’s been championing Bai Lu in recent years. The same thing goes for Wang Yizhe, who he’s moved up to leading man status after appearing in just a handful of supporting roles in dramas.
song of youth yu lou chun
If this couple pairing between Bai Lu and Wang Yizhe might seem a bit unusual since Wang Yizhe in particular has had limited exposure save for a leading role in the Yanxi Palace spin off – Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures, it seems Yu Zheng is intent on mixing things up and trying a different formula for his starring line up – putting together a female star with a male newcomer. His reasons?  
Female newcomers paired with male stars easily make fans jealous and are often picked apart by fans, but the reverse is not the case. As long as male newcomers can give a relatively good performance and are easy on the eyes, it’s easier to attract fan’s attention. Secondly,  I especially hate the entertainment industry’s competitiveness, and how celebrities always want to be paired with actors more popular than they are.  How then can a newcomer have the chance to get ahead? Lastly, I firmly believe that an actor’s primary focus should be on the script when deciding whether or not to sign onto a project. There are only a certain number of artists who base their decision solely on the script without looking at their pairings first”, explains the producer.  This is definitely an interesting look behind Yu Zheng’s thought process in the way he handled the casting for the drama.
song of youth boot ceremony
Anyway, Song of Youth just had its boot ceremony today and viewers are in for a treat since the drama’s production really pulled out all the stops for this project. The drama’s cast boasts a star studded entourage composed of Gina Jin Chen, Jade Zheng Qiuhong, Jackie Li (Lamuyangzi), He Lei, Zhou Lula, Chang LongSarah Huang Xinyao, Huang Youming, Zhang Lei, Liu MinWang Xi, Xu Rongzhen, Ma Xiaoqian, Chang Cheng, Wang Xichaowith special appearances by Yang RongBridgette Qiao Xin, Xuan Lu, Wen Zhengrong, Zhu Zhiling, Liu Runnan and Lu Yanqi.
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