Xiao Zhan Celebrates His 29th Birthday with a Heartfelt Reminder to Himself

Xiao Zhan
Birthday boy Xiao Zhan

Happy Monday everyone! Aside from the start of a new week, October 5 marks the beginning of another year ’round the sun for actor Xiao Zhan.. so happy birthday Xiao Zhan! 2020 has proven to be quite a challenging year for The Untamed star. His burgeoning career took a heavy beating after the A03 scandal he was unwittingly involved in erupted this spring.

For the occasion of his 29th, our birthday boy shared a little message he wrote to remind himself to stay strong in the face of challenges.

 “To 29:

Zhan, I hope that you will be able to live happily and comfortably in the next year, forever looking at the sunshine. Keep the passion when facing any challenges that arise and soldier on! Shake off all your worries and cherish each moment. Thank you mom and dad for being my constant safe haven. I must work harder to become someone you can truly depend on.

To the 29 year old me, and to you all, may we all be the best versions of ourselves. Safely and joyously, let’s chase the wind!

Meanwhile, Xiao Zhan’s Studio also shared some new photos of the actor looking quite relaxed and carefree. “Things will fall into place, and the clouds will eventually dissipate. Live harmoniously with others but keep to your principles. Remain steadfast and unyielding! @ Xiao Zhan. Happy Birthday! Wishing you happiness every day!

Xiao Zhan

Birthday Greetings from Celebrity Friends

I’m sure it’s quite heartwarming for the actor to see that despite his “fall from grace”, his fans and friends still continue to remember him by. In fact as of press time, there are more than a million messages pouring in from well wishers intent on greeting their favourite actor. His friends in showbiz too like his The Untamed co-stars Yu Bin and Xuan Lu, his Jade Dynasty co-star Qiu Xinzhi as well as Bambi Zhu Xudan have all left him birthday greetings.

Friend's Greetings

Noticeably missing this year though according to eagle eyed netizens, is a greeting from the his The Untamed co-star Wang Yibo. When Xiao Zhan celebrated his birthday last year, Wang Yibo made sure to greet him as soon as the clock struck twelve. Which is why this year’s little “snub” has netizens wondering what happened between the pair and if Xiao Zhan’s showbiz friends simply didn’t want their names to be associated with him after the A03 fallout. What do you guys think?

Anyway, here’s wishing a very big Happy Birthday to Xiao Zhan once again!

xiao zhan

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