The Untamed Siblings Reunite for Xiao Zhan’s Birthday (With Yang Zi)

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With all the negativity about run ins with sisheng fans or fan wars that I keep reading about when it comes to Xiao Zhan, it’s nice to know that the singer-actor was able to celebrate his birthday in good company. Xiao Zhan turned 28 yesterday, Oct. 5 and even dropped a photo of the bowl of noodles he had that signifies long life based on Chinese superstition. As it turns out, he was also celebrating with some very familiar faces. 
His The Majesty of Wolf co-star Zang Hongna shared photos showing the attendees that include The Untamed stars Wang Zhuocheng, Xuan Lu and Xiao Zhan’s The Oath of Love leading lady Yang Zi

xiao zhan bday celeb
xiao zhan bday celeb
xiao zhan bday celeb
xiao zhan bday celeb
xiao zhan bday celeb
Fans of The Untamed can probably relate that seeing Wei Wuxian reunited with his dearest Shi Jie and Jiang Cheng is absolutely nostalgic. I must admit, their story was the one thing that left a gaping whole in my heart when the show ended but outside of the drama, the Yunmeng three siblings remain good friends and actually hang out. 
xiao zhan bday celeb The Untamed siblings
Of course, Wang Yibo left a b-day messaged as well with a simple “Zhan Ge~ Happy birthday!!! [birthday cake emoji] hahahaha~”and a photo to reminisce their days filming together. 
wang yibo greet xiao zhan bday
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