Ady An Gives Birth to Second Child – Her Baby Girl Nicknamed Wabao!

It’s been a little over a year since Taiwanese actress Ady An gave birth to her eldest son whom she nicknamed 66. She and her CEO hubby Chen Ronglian have just welcomed their precious baby girl.

When Ady An celebrated her 40th birthday at the end of last month, she was already 9 months pregnant, so it’s good to hear that mom and baby are both healthy. On October 29, Ady shared the good news on Weibo as she said, “Finally! A family of four ‘very good’! After giving birth to my second treasure, I realized that Mr. Ding Dong (her nickname for husband Chen Ronglian) no longer has hands to hold me. After waiting ten months, I finally saw Mr. Chen’s little lover Wa Bao 娃寶. Hmph… I give up!  Everyone says you look better than me haha!”

Although Ady An is married to the Macau-based Chen who is the CEO of Macau Dejin Group, he accompanied her through labour and delivery in Taiwan. Ady also responded to Taiwan media to address the topic of whether she’s rushing to have kids. She said, “We were afraid that 66 would be lonely, I had a long talk with my husband late at night, that we should have another baby to be a companion for 66.”

Ady also revealed the origin of her daughter’s nickname, “Everyone said I looked like a doll so they called me wawa 娃娃, which is why I decided to call my daughter wabao 娃宝 – wawa’s treasure.”

Congrats to the parents! Big brother “66” has new company!

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