Ady An is a New Mum!

Ady An is a New Mum!
It’s a bouncing baby boy!

The stork has paid a welcome visit to new mum Ady An and her husband Chen Ronglian as the new parents welcomed their first child into the world together. In a sweet Weibo post, the couple made the birth announcement with an adorable photo of 66’s (her nickname for her baby boy) itty bitty feet. “We’ve waited for such a long time and finally meet you in person!” the actress excitedly writes. “And you look so much better than your 4D sonogram!” she adds. 

The Taiwanese singer-actress also includes a sweet note thanking everyone who had helped them along the way to ensure a safe and healthy delivery for her wee little boy. To her husband, whom she’s nicknamed “65”, Ady had the following to say: “ Thank you, 66’s daddy for taking the initiative to accompany me into the delivery room and making me less nervous.” And “despite the sleepless nights these past few days you still took care of me and our little bub. I will always remember the moment when you knelt down in front of me to propose, and the moment when we exchanged rings with each other, I told myself that I will give you a complete family. The arrival of 66 makes our little family even warmer, and in the coming days, let us three hold our hands together to walk forward in happiness.” 

Ady previously shared some gorgeous pre-baby photographs of her little family (bump included) back in June and it’s hard to believe that the little one has already made his appearance into the world. Crazy how time flies isn’t it! Whatever the case, we couldn’t be more happier for the new parents and wish them good luck with the sleepless nights they’re bound to experience. 

Congratulations again to the proud new parents and enjoy this precious time with your new bundle of joy.

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