9 Months Pregnant Ady An Celebrates 40th Birthday Party with Friends Joe Chen, Kimi Hsia and More

Ady An Shows Off 9 Months Baby Bump and Celebrates 40th Birthday Party with Friends Joe Chen, Kimi Hsia and More

The love just keeps pouring out for Taiwanese actress and singer Ady An as she celebrated her 40th birthday on September 29. She invited family and friends to celebrate and posted a series of photos the following day. 

“This year’s birthday is very special~ One in my belly, one in my arms, one by my side, a family of four! I am really grateful to God for all the arrangements. I am contented and grateful.

ady an chen ronglian husband

Life is sometimes like a game of clearing different stages. Every stage has its mission. I grew up as a girl and became Ms. An, then Mrs. Chen and a mother. There are gains and losses. I take it seriously, and in the future, I hope that my family can always keep a sunny & positive heart.

Those of you who have been waiting for me and wishing me a happy birthday, please give me some more time. When Mrs. Chen and mama is done being busy ~ I will definitely get back to work as soon as possible to return with good projects!” she wrote on social media.

ady ann turns 40

She ends by wishing for the COVID-19 pandemic to be over soon writing “My birthday wish is to have a vaccine soon! Hopefully this epidemic will be over! Sending love to everyone! I love you!”

Ady An, husband Chen Ronglian and their 1-year-old son “66” attended the event with matching outfits! So cute!! Her Taiwanese celebrity friends Jam Hsiao, Joe Chen, Kimi Hsia, Terri Kwan, Pink Yang Qianpei and Ailing Tai also attended the celebration. However, we can all agree that Ady was the best dressed out of everyone! She wore a beautiful white dress paired with a light blue shirt and hear me out… the Rolex watch on her wrist is reportedly worth over 100k US dollars!

ady an

She is currently 9 months pregnant with her second child and happily showed off her baby bump. What a fun way to celebrate a milestone birthday! I love that the event is themed Ann’s 20+ Birthday Party.

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